Chestertons Polo in the Park

7th - 9th June 2019 The Hurlingham Club, London

The rules for Chestertons Polo in the Park have been tweaked to make the game faster and to bring the spectators closer to the action. In between exploring the shopping village or enjoying delicious food offerings, you can watch the polo from a plethora of bars, gardens or grandstand whilst enjoying great music and endless entertainment with your friends.

What to expect at Polo in the Park 2018

This three day event starts at noon on Friday and Saturday and 11.30am on Sunday. Polo in the Park 2018 runs until 9pm, 8pm and 7pm on each day respectively. Friday is known for its corporate hospitality crowd, Saturday is the party crowd, leaving Sunday for families. The polo is played throughout the day as the crowds watch on from the champagne garden, stands or hospitality area. On Friday the 9th of June there is an England International match, which will run under the newly ratified City Polo Series Rules.

Famous faces

Players include Jamie Morrison. His family founded the Royal Berkshire Polo Club. Other players include George Merick and Mohamed Al Habtoor from Dubai. Polo in the Park is very much a hub for reality TV stars such as the cast of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea.

Event hotspots and hospitality

While the event has a champagne bar, it also features a Mahiki tent. This is where the celebs hang out and cocktails are aplenty. However, if you can go hospitality, you will have your own private garden area. You can book your hospitality through Sloaney Season. Special packages include the Patron offering, which has private tables of 10 or 12 in a Premium Pitchside Pavilion Suite with access to the private garden all day. There is also the High Goal option, which has reserved seating in the Pitchside Pavilion and is a relaxed setting.

Did you know

Chestertons Polo in the Park has simplified the traditional rules of polo. This helps with the city format and means that newcomers will be able to follow the action without any prior knowledge of the game. The key rule changes include a smaller polo field, a 45 yard ring where goals scored from outside this line are worth double the points compared to a goal scored from within. Also, teams change ends only at half time rather than after every goal scored, which makes the game quicker and simpler.

Chestertons Polo in the Park works with over 150 local businesses to ensure they benefit from the three day event in the area. It also works closely with local schools in helping to educate children about the sport of polo and it’s historical relevance to the area. The extremely popular ‘into schools’ programme is aimed at introducing local children to polo and, where possible, gives children the opportunity to experience horses up close. For some, its a first-time experience.

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