‘The Season’ historically referred to the annual period when it is customary for members of the social elite of society to hold debutante balls, dinner parties and large charity events. It then evolved to centre around many major events located in London, or nearby. Sloaney Season develops the concept further by including key occasions around the world and also makes The Season accessible to all.


Traditionally, those who attended prestigious events on the social calendar were known as ‘Sloane Rangers’ and pursued a distinctive fashionable lifestyle. During the 80s, Princess Diana was the poster girl for the ‘Sloane Ranger’. Today, Kate and Pippa Middleton own such territory along with the Young Royals, as well as modern high profile stars such as the Delevingne sisters, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the Beckham family. The popular TV series Made in Chelsea has also reinvigorated the lifestyle.


Sloaney Season was born to provide a modern, luxury and aspirational feel to the customary notion of The Season. It also encourages accessibility and has developed the traditional framework of events to encapsulate a broad range of occasions. Sloaney Season is vital for regular attendees of the main events during The Season and also those who are going for the first time. It will keep you up-to-date with all of the inside information so you are equipped with essential knowledge and insider tips to impress fellow guests and add more value to your experience.

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