Key facts ahead of The Boat Race

Cambridge outweigh Oxford for the fifth year in a row and the tallest man to ever row in The Men’s Boat Race returns...

The Boat Race takes place this week and the annual battle between Cambridge and Oxford draws huge crowds to the River Thames. Ahead of the duel, we take a look at some of the key facts about the famous race…

Boat Race Facts

Cambridge outweigh Oxford for the fifth year in a row, with an average difference of 3.4kg. Cambridge has been the heavier crew in all 4 of their winning races in the last 10 years.

This will be the 164th Men’s Boat Race and the 155th edition on the Tideway, the first on the Championship Course taking place in 1845.

Cambridge hold the overall lead, 82 victories to Oxford’s 80 (there has been one dead heat), which they have held since 1930.

On average Oxford are 2 years older and 6cm shorter per man than Cambridge.

There are 7 returning Blues: 4 for Cambridge and 3 for Oxford.

There are eight nationalities represented this year: 9 Brits, 4 Americans, one athlete from Germany and one from South Africa, two of the Brits with dual nationality in Greece and France and one athlete (Dara Alizadeh) with British, Bermudian, American and Iranian nationality.

Freddie Davidson moves from the two-seat in 2017 to stroke the crew in 2018. He is an alumnus of St Paul’s School, the boys independent school whose boathouse sits on the Championship Course.

Patrick Elwood makes the Blue Boat in his fourth year of trialling, having raced in Goldie in 2016 and 2017 and the Spare Pair in 2015.

James Letten is the tallest man to ever row in The Men’s Boat Race – 2018 will be his second Boat Race.

Anders Weiss, one of two Brown University alumni across the two men’s crews, arrives in Oxford with significant international experience, having competed at two Olympic Games in the men’s pair for the USA.

President Iain Mandale returns to The Boat Race after two years out. He raced for Isis in 2013, 2014 and 2015, winning on all three occasions.

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