In the Spotlight: Fern About Town shares her style tips for Sloaney Season

One of London's top up-and-coming influencers, Fern About Town, shares her fashion advice for Sloaney Season events...

Someone who certainly knows how to dress for the events on the Sloaney Season calendar is the creator behind lifestyle blog, Fern About Town. Fern’s recent outfit at Goodwood Racecourse turned heads for all the right reasons. She has an innate sense of style and always looks elegant for big occasions. Fern provides an insight in to her life through her popular blog Fern About Town and was a finalist in the Best Newcomer category at this year’s Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards.

We chatted to the up-and-coming social media star about her blog and she shared some top fashion tips for Sloaney Season…

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I started my blog at the end of 2015, initially as a place to share travel experiences. I was given a camera for Christmas that year and the rest, I suppose, is history!

What is the focus of Fern About Town?

Style, travel and beauty. I’m London-based so a lot of what I cover is around town. This might be a photogenic new brunch opening, or the best place for manicure. I like to take readers along with me through the blog and Instagram, be it Santorini for stunning sunsets, or Zara to share new-in pieces i’m adding to my wardrobe.

What are your style tips for dressing for big events such as the racing, polo or art fairs? 

Always observe the dress code! Does the occasion call for a hat? Will your shoes be appropriate for grass lawns, or would an elegant wedge heel work? Some occasions, such as Royal Ascot, have very specific guidelines around exposed shoulders and knees. Equally, others, such as Wimbledon, have no dress code and the main consideration for dressing will be exposure to the elements on the day.

If in doubt, searching the event on social media is a really useful reference point to see how others have dressed previously. I recently wrote about my time at Goodwood races.

Which are your favourite events of Sloaney Season? 

Wimbledon is my favourite fortnight of the season. Tennis was introduced to me by my mum years ago, and I’ve attended the championships with her since.

High street or designer? 

Both. I love to incorporate designer pieces into my wardrobe and style these with my favourite finds from the high street. You can’t go wrong with Zara (I think the Duchess of Cambridge taught us that!).

What’s left on the Sloaney Season calendar?  Salon PrivéLAPADA Art & Antiques Fair, Goodwood Revival and more. View the whole calendar here